About Gil Owens

Gil Owens is a self-taught acrylic and encaustic painter. He has been influenced by a wide variety of sources including the French impressionist and modern day New Orleans artists. 

Raised in North Carolina, Gil's art career began with knee surgery. His mother, a painter and photographer, had come to enforce the doctors convalescing orders after surgery. She brought oil paints and canvas with her to pass the time. It was during this time that he learned to paint and realized that communication takes on many forms. "A painting is an enduring communication between the artist and the outside world. Every piece of work that an artist produces is a statement to the rest of the world about something."

Based on a strong belief that too many people lack balance in their everyday lives. Gil's paintings encourage people to slow down and notice our spectacular surroundings.

About his ART BLOCKS:
Art Blocks are small abstract paintings that represent universal energy. The energy that surrounds us and makes everything happen. It's the energy one feels when you are surrounded by quiet and wondering if the universe has a pulse. 

Art Blocks are 6" x 6" x 1.5" acrylic on triple primed canvas. They are back stapled with the sides painted, ready to hang. They do not have a wire installed so they may be hung however you like them best.
.......Painting with bold colors and heavy textures to give lasting impressions to the delicate and temporary beauty of nature and time. Encouraging everyone to "stop and smell the flowers."

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