Collection: Julien Byrne

Located in a secluded woodland in the coastal plain of Mississippi, Julien has been producing one-of-a-kind stained glass and fused glass works for 18 years in a studio surrounded by the flora and fauna that his work celebrates. Each glass accessory is completely unique and never again duplicated. Being a small studio, artwork is produced one at a time by hand, always with an eye to function with both beauty and longevity. 

The "Shattered Heart" series is inspired by the belief that everyone at some point in their life has experienced a lost love, a lost friend, a lost pet, something near and dear.. lost. These pieces are meant to allow for a remembrance of love without the associated heartache. They are show cased in various sizes and display styles. No two will ever be the same. The color ranges and combinations will be vast and Julien is even able to produce particular color choices on request.

With dogs being dear to Julien's heart and being that he is on the board of directors for Tired Dog Rescue, a 501(c)3 charity, his portion of profits from his work will go toward its good works in animal rescue.