Collection: Ed Edwards

Life Without Color...

As a young person, I took art classes but somewhere along the way my art took a backseat to life. While I have been surrounded by art for years, I just never found the time to pick up my paints and brushes. In 2011, the desire returned to me while I was stationed in Iraq as an Army National Guard JAG. (Judge Advocate).

A year is a long time to be without color, but I felt as though I was. The monochromatic landscape of Iraq, made me yearn for anything that wasn't brown. For R&R break during my tour, Becky and I visited France. Seeing the beautiful art in the museums, the pristine gardens all over Paris, and visiting Claude Monet's home, Giverny inspired me to pick up my paints again.

My favorite method of painting is using the palette knife. The knife allows me to be loose in my technique while still achieving the feel that I want to achieve.. My techniques bold!  I see the entire picture not the minutia within the picture. I love the way the palette knife allows large scale graduations in the color while giving a thick texture to the painting.        Commissions are welcomed!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my work!