Collection: Robin Daning

I live and work in New Orleans. I studied art at Syracuse University and also earned a PhD in psychology from the University of New Hampshire: the dual focus of art and psychology very much defines my art. 

I paint detailed images with pigmented ink on the smooth sides of standard white dominoes (2” x 1” x ¼”), treating each domino as a blank canvas. I attach the finished tiles to painted board/canvas, usually in two to six layers, sometimes with significant overlapping so that some tiles are almost completely hidden. In some pieces the dotted sides of the dominoes are displayed. In other pieces I add painted polymer clay. Pieces are framed (unless on cradled board) and wall hung.
My art has two main themes. The first theme is faces with exaggerated features, sometimes further exaggerated by the addition of polymer clay. My obsession with facial expressions is, no doubt, explained by my psychology background. The second theme is Louisiana/New Orleans images and icons, including shotgun houses; musical instruments and musicians; streetcars; famous landmarks; indigenous wildlife; and its signature food and drink. 

In addition I also create portraits of dogs and cats and enjoy working on commissioned pieces of all kinds.