Picasso of Royal Street

Picasso has been the gallery cat for almost 20 years. He was rescued from the Japonica Street SPCA's hit list, meaning he was scheduled that day to be euthanized, When we first saw Picasso, and looked into his eyes, we knew there was something special about him.
Picasso is a true French Quarter cat. He frequented Touché Bar in the afternoon and dined at Antoine’s at night. When Picasso first arrived at the gallery we wondered how he would react with the art and antiques. however, on the first day he regally walked down the stairs with a confidence and a protective spirit and we knew and he knew he was the protector of the Gallery and the Art. 
Over the years, Picasso has touched the lives of many. He amused the nightly window shoppers, the local restaurant staff slipped him shrimp under the door, the doctors and nurses heading home after an 18 hour day stopped to play with him in the wee hours and occasionally they brought him “medicinal” cat nip. 
Visitors from all over the world have sent pictures they have taken of Picasso. Many have sent notes and gifts to him. A frequent visitor sent him a gift certificate to PetSmart because over the years he had given her joy as she watched him interact with people all day and night.
His stories and admirers are many over the years. He even touched the lives of the media during Hurricane Katrina. Picasso stayed in the gallery because he doesn’t travel well and we knew we’d be back in a couple of days. About 2 weeks later we were finally allowed back into the French Quarter.  It was during this time we realized Picasso had gotten out of the gallery, but couldn’t get back inside and he had been on the streets for 2 weeks. We were very upset and we searched for him until dusk when we had to leave the Quarter. The next morning we were allowed back in and with a picture of Picasso we started searching for him again. The only people in the Quarter were the military, special forces, police officers and the media....and unfortunately they had not seen him. We finally came across FOX News and they told us they had been feeding him but couldn’t catch him. They helped us search for Picasso and finally he heard his name being called and came running.  Fox News ran a special reunion piece on the story and he became the star of the show. They said it was some happy news in the midst of all the sadness and devastation. Calls, emails and gifts from all over the United States poured in and everyone was so excited to see we were all OK...especially Picasso!
People all over the world continue to ask about Picasso, and  every night he sits in the gallery window, waiting to greet the window shoppers and pose for pictures.  He is an amazing kitty and we treasure the many years we had had him and that he has given many people much happiness.
BEE Galleries has worked with artist Martin LaBorde for many years in order to raise money and public awareness for groups such as: the Louisiana SPCA, LSU Veterinary School, Monterrey Humane Society, Global Wildlife Center, and several other animal advocate groups. These groups help educate the public to the millions of cats and dogs that are abused or abandoned. The efforts of these groups help raise the question of responsibility of owning a pet. The goal is to close down all Puppy Mills, to rally around officials to prosecute pet abusers, and to provide Pet Rescue! If you would like to donate please contact your local humane society or pet advocate group in you area.
An animal has an instinct about being rescued...they realize they have another chance for a life time home. There are thousands of wonderful cats and dogs waiting for a good, permanent and loving home…being a pet owner holds a very important responsibility to the pet, to yourself and to society.....before adopting think long and hard about the responsibility you are accepting...take it seriously...it's a lifetime commitment and I promise you, you will have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!
If you would like your group to be considered in a 
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BEE Galleries with the assistance of several of our artists have raised over $80,000 the last several years from the donation of original artwork and the sale of fund raising prints. Please visit our print page to view fundraising prints.
Thank you
Becky Edwards
Owner B.E.E. Galleries

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