Foster, Manager of Stress Reduction

 It is with great sadness that we announce that our beloved Fur baby Foster has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. You were a good boy, we love you, you gave us much happiness and laughter and we miss you very much....
Do you know why Foster is called a Himalayan?
It's because 'him-a-layin' around all day!                           ! 
I don't think Foster thinks that is as funny as we do but, that is his favorite past time…and, occasionally he likes to bat around his collection of little furry toy mice.
Foster is a rescued Flame Point Himalayan. Ed and I rescued him in 2002 from a Kansas City Cat Rescue Center. Foster was 7 years old when adopted (he had been abandoned, his owner said she didn't have time for him anymore)....I can't even imagine someone loving a kitty for 7 years and once they start aging or you get tired of them....toss them aside…those are cats best years...not only that, cats basically insist on taking care of themselves....her loss our gain!
Himalayan's are fun and wonderful kitty's and after losing a beloved Flame Point named Benjamin to cancer (he was also a rescued kitty from when I lived and had a gallery in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca) we decided to start looking for another another "Benjamin." Because of a record heat wave in New Orleans, we decided after 2 months to have Foster flown to North Carolina where we arranged to pick him up at the our surprise Foster was nothing like Benjamin...they did look like brothers, but had totally different personalities and HE won our hearts over almost immediately. Like most cats he can be a bit aloof, but he's always willing to appease anyone that wants to scratch behind his ears or down his back. At night Foster likes to curl up on the back of the sofa next to Ed and he patiently waits until bedtime....he's so funny, Ed stands up and says let's go to bed Fosterboy.....and off he goes like a little kid and happily takes his place on the end of the bed.
It didn't take long for us to realize that you should never try to replace a beloved is impossible and not fair to the new pet but, like most pet lovers we fell in love with Foster and over the years Foster has placed his paw print upon our hearts and he has his own very special position in our family.
Ed, myself and B.E.E. Galleries have worked with artists Martin LaBorde along with the Louisiana SPCA, LSU Veterinary School, Monterrey Humane Society and several other animal advocate groups in order to raise money and public attention for these groups, as well as to help educate the public to the millions of cats and dogs that are abused or abandoned. The efforts of the thousands of groups will help raise the question of responsibility of owning a pet, the efforts to close down all Puppy Mills, to rally around officials to prosecute pet abusers, and to provide Pet Rescue! If you would like to donate please contact your local humane society or pet advocate group in you area.
An animal has an instinct about being rescued…they realize they have another chance for a life time home. There are thousands of wonderful cats and dogs waiting for a good, permanent and loving home…being a pet owner holds a very important responsibility to the pet, to yourself and to society…before adopting think long and hard about the responsibility you are accepting…take it seriously…it's a lifetime committment and I promise you, you will have wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!
If you would like your group to be considered in a Fundraising Event, please contact Becky at 504-587-7117.
B.E.E. Galleries with the assistance of artist Martin LaBorde have raised over $80,000 over the last several years with the donation of original artwork and the sale of fund raising prints. Please visit our print page...and our links.
Thank you
Becky Edwards

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