Mark Bercier

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Born 1950 - Crowley Louisiana
Lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana
For the past two and a half decades I have been working with a language created from 26 images juxtaposed with 26 words, that do not necessarily go together. This personal iconography reflects my fascination with language both visual and verbal, and our ways of communication, or lack thereof. It has taken me years to collect this language and incorporate it into my paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture. The language is called "The Healing Symbols." The critic D. Eric Bookhardt describes the my work as "faux-naive" - reflecting the inner child in an exploration of the mysteries of life, creation and other cool stuff."
In the past decade one of the symbols, "Baby",  taken from a self-portrait my daughter did when she was 5 years old, has played a very important role in my work. The figure of this little girl, "Baby", became the purist symbol of innocence and hope, not just about childhood but throughout our lives. For many years now Baby has grown up with the Healing Symbols, and I believe that her message is that it is possible for life's riddles and fears to be eased through the miracle of art.


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